Del’s Collabs

Del’s Shandy

A thirst-quenching Summer Classic. Del’s Shandy is a collaboration made in heaven between two iconic Rhode Island Brands. Del’s Shandy brings the all natural lemon or watermelon flavor you love from Del’s and combines it with Narragansett’s award-winning lager for a shandy that tastes as refreshingly different as a New England summer.

Li’l Dinghy Drinks

Li’l Dinghy is a new canned cocktail inspired by our very own Del’s Lemonade. It’s not beer, and it’s not malted. It’s simply a great cocktail in a can, designed to be enjoyed anywhere the occasion takes you. You can go anywhere with a Li’l Dinghy! Enjoy Del’s in a whole new way!

Warwick Ice Cream

Del’s Lemonade makes its debut in the ice cream aisle thanks to Warwick Ice Cream. It’s made with all local ingredients, including the cream and dairy which comes from New England farms. A local collaboration made with local ingredients… and it’s ice cream! It doesn’t get much better than that.