The History of Del’s Lemonade


Great-Grandfather DeLucia made the earliest Del’s Frozen Lemonade in 1840 in Naples, Italy. During the winter he carried snow into nearby caves and insulated it with straw. When summer arrived and the local lemons were ripe and flavorful, he mixed their juice with the right amount of sugar and snow, making a refreshing drink which he sold at the local market. Fruit ices remain popular throughout Europe yet none is more popular than one made with fresh lemon juice which produces the most delicious and thirst quenching treat.

Grandfather DeLucia brought the concept of Del’s Frozen Lemonade to America at the turn of the century. Angelo DeLucia, his son, soon began work on a machine to produce Del’s Frozen Lemonade and on a method of making Del’s Frozen Lemonade a consistently excellent product. In 1948, Del’s Frozen Lemonade acquired its name and became the sole product sold at a little stand in Cranston, Rhode Island. Soon Angelo had devised the first mobile units to dispense Del’s anywhere where there were thirsty people.In just a few years Angelo’s son, Bruce, entered the family business and together with his father’s help, has made the franchise business flourish and grow. Now there are approximately 30 franchises providing Del’s Frozen Lemonade to thirsty travelers, to kids after baseball games, and to families relaxing on summer evenings.This year, Del’s will squeeze more than two million fresh lemons to make the unique frozen lemonade everyone enjoys.

Our Product


Quality and Value

Every day, we squeeze fresh lemons and mix the juice according to Angelo DeLucia’s exacting formula to produce Del’s Mix which is of consistent quality and taste. We add no artificial flavorings or colorings. The great taste of Del’s Frozen Lemonade comes from the freshness and quality of the ingredients. The Del’s Mix is then refrigerated to preserve its quality until it is shipped to a Del’s location. As an alternative, we have created a dry Del’s mix for franchises located a long distance from Del’s headquarters.

At each Del’s location, we rigorously enforce strict cleanliness standards, careful handling of the Del’s Mix, and proper methods of freezing the mixture to preserve the goodness already built in. Del’s Frozen Lemonade is made in small batches throughout the day in a special machine according to our exacting instructions so as to ensure the finest and freshest product. When your business is built around a single product, it must be perfect every time!

We also sell a small number of other items, all designed to be good accompaniments to Del’s Frozen Lemonade and to give you a good return. Among these products are pretzels, nachos, and chips.  Our price is reasonable, our product wholesome and delicious. Our growth and our success rest on that simple formula.


Our Business Concept


Simplicity and Organization – A Family Business

We have developed this business ourselves over a period of many years, and we have learned a great deal about what it takes to succeed. Some of the key factors are the personal touch, the neighborhood emphasis, and the willingness to maintain high quality. We take great pride in our name and reputation, and this is why we have chosen to expand through franchising. We want franchisees who have real personal interest in what they do, and we in turn are very committed to your success and growth.

We have a fully developed program, we provide full training, and we protect our name by monitoring all locations. We will provide you with marketing suggestions to improve your efficiency, and we will supply information about fairs, church outings and other local events to which you should send your mobile units. We will support you with advertising programs, and will be available to advise you whenever problems arise.

Our business is brisk and our schedule busy during the warm weather, but there are many rewards. For one thing, you will be self-employed and will enjoy the independence and freedom that implies. You will be in constant contact with people and the hours will seem to fly by because you will be busy.

Our Program


Training and Support

As a member of the Del’s Lemonade franchise network, you will be provided with a complete program. This will include the use of our name and logo, and the use of all the procedures and methods we have developed and refined. You will also be granted territory in which we will open no other franchises.  We will provide a training program where you will receive instructions in purchasing materials and supplies, preparation and presentation of Del’s Lemonade, operation of mobile units, and facility maintenance. You will be fully prepared to administer your business including hiring and personnel management and office practices and bookkeeping methods.We will assist you in finding a suitable location, we will provide specifications and assistance in facility remodeling, and we will assist you in ordering your initial equipment, inventory and supplies. During start-up, we will assist in the preparation of advertising and promotions and in staffing and daily operations.


Ongoing Services

After your business is successfully launched, you will continue to receive the benefits of belonging to Del’s Lemonade franchise network. We will make regular visits to your location to advise and offer help with any problems you may encounter. This field super-vision will also aid you in maintaining the high quality standards necessary to promote good business and to protect our reputation for excellence.We will keep you informed on a regular basis of new developments in our business and will share with you each new technique and method we develop. We will provide you with ongoing advertising support in both local co-op programs and national advertising.

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